Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Yummy Vegetarian Chicken Rice @ 吉祥素

I don’t go to Aljunied on weekday or Saturday, so it’s a rare chance for me to be able to enjoy the food from this vegetarian stall located in the coffee shop – The Choice (near to Aljunied MRT), which operates from 11am to 7pm (Mon-Sat).

Had tried their Mee Rebus ages ago and was delicious. But it was only available on Friday. So, what should I ordered? I was pondering. When I saw what the persons in-front have ordered. Gosh! vegetarian chicken rice look good and appetizing. Hence, same please!

We don’t often get to see vegetarian stall selling vegetarian chicken rice that is tasty, with good grade ingredients and balanced with veggie. It comes with a bowl of soup as well, all for just $3.5

Where: 吉祥素  The Choice 56/58 Lorong 25A. Geylang S388248.  Tel: 9836 0200. Closed on Sunday. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Playing with cooking: Avocado with H2O and Gula Melaka

Usually when I make Avocado Shake, I’ll substitute milk with soymilk (vegan version) and add gula melaka.  For a richer and robust taste, I will add coconut milk too.

Lately at my sis’s Kitchen, I discovered actually Avocado Shake can be further simplified - just avocado with H2O (water) and gula melaka. Still as delicious and aromatic!

Insight from playing with cooking - we tend to add a lot of things to life, replacing one thing with another, or thinking life should be in this way. And forgotten about living simply, can also achieve the same result too.  Food for thought – everything can be your teacher when you show down. 

Indulge in delightful Vegetarian Japanese Food @ Herbivore

We were indulging in delightful Vegetarian Japanese Food at Herbivore during my recent catch up with ex-colleagues. I haven’t been visiting this restaurant for years and it was suggested by my ex-colleagues. Sometime, I am surprised with how knowledgeable non-vegetarian know about vegetarian eateries. Was impressed that the standard of food in Herbivore still excellent.  

With a curious mind to find out more about vegetarian cuisine, my non-vegetarian ex-colleagues kept on ordering different dishes (12 dishes) to taste. The bill was $195 (7 pax) which was reasonable.

We love almost all the dishes we have ordered. We have tasted 3 different type of Maki and love it. The Natto side dish was something that most of us can’t get use, too bland.  

It is open daily from 11:30am till 10pm. Great! convenient to pop by anytime. Yes, I intend to come back again for more Vegetarian Japanese Food!

Where: Herbivore. 190 Middle Road Fortune Centre #01-13/14 S188979.  

Monday, September 18, 2017


这碗简单的蔬食汤,蕴藏着大海的味道(海带),大地的味道(蘑菇和大豆芽)和山岩的味道 (喜马拉雅山岩盐)。蔬食的美,不需特别的摆盘,也可以呈现意境的美。有空不妨尝试发挥创意,一下下吧



Sunday, September 17, 2017

Lunch is ready - Nasi Lemak

Need to cook lunch fast, so we can be at the Zen Centre for group meditation. Happened to have these ingredients in my kitchen, so menu for lunch is Vegetarian Nasi Lemak!

Anyone can whip up this dish pretty fast at home, if you know how to cook rice, cut a cucumber, pan-fry slices of vegetarian honey goose. The peanut, vegetarian ikan bilis (aka crispy slice) and vegetarian chilli sauce are all available from most of the vegetarian grocery shops. To cook the nasi lemak rice, replace a portion of water with coconut milk, add pandan leaf and some seasoning/salt.  It’s that simple.

I feel that this vegetarian honey goose taste much better than vegetarian ham or luncheon meat, would be more suitable for this dish.  Then, assembling them on a serving tray! Lunch is ready! 

See, having a vegetarian menu in non-vegetarian eateries isn't that difficult actually!

A lovely Chic Café - Mellow Coffee

At Mellow Coffee. Love the location, chic interior and ambience in this café. Enjoyed my cuppa of Chai Latte ($6) here on a late Friday night.

It’s beautiful and will come again for a cuppa of coffee! 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

爱上蔬食 。。。


Friday, September 15, 2017

Dare to experiment!

Got a packet Cream Caramel premix powder.  Instruction said used UHT milk, I replaced with unsweetened soymilk. Conutsu topping sauce, never heard of, so I used caramel sauce.  

Nothing need to be the same all the time, I allow change and induce change. Never try and never know. Aha! Different type of dessert - soy pudding or soy bean curd with caramel …

The beauty of having in-between job time to take inventory of my life, discover and rediscover wonderful things in life and this world ...

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Vegetarian Haven in Chinatown Singapore …

Chinatown in Singapore is a beautiful and colourful place for walking and discovering the hidden gems like tea shop, pastry shop, gift shop, street eats … I enjoy strolling here and the vibrant vibe.

In the vicinity of Chinatown, you can easily find at least 12 vegetarian establishments, from hawker stall to small eatery to restaurant, offering a diverse spread of vegetarian cuisine. There's even a healthy organic vegetarian eatery at Chinatown Food Street.

Another vegetarian haven to indulge in good and scrumptious vegetarian cuisine. Yes, the vegetarian population is growing extremely fast now and more non-vegetarians are enjoying vegetarian cuisine just like any other cuisines such as Malay cuisine, Indian cuisine …  

For lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian, Vegetarian open to vegetarian options from non-friendly eateries, the choices available are even much more! So, just go and have fun.  Chinatown. Vegetarian/Vegetable cuisine. Either way, enjoy! What a beautiful world! 




开门,进门时没人在,却一眼看见这猫猫,太可爱了,忍不住拍下了,又忍不住把它放在这里 。。。生活里的小幸福,当下里的小小简单的幸福,可能是来之接触正法后心态的改变, 平静。】

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Who says you must eat vegetarian food at Dragon Gate Vegetarian?

It’s not breakfast time. It’s not lunch time. And it’s not dinner time. So, what time is it? Time for coffee lah!  Co and have a cup of traditional Kopi-O ($1.10) …

Dragon Gate Vegetarian is at Temple Street in Chinatown and residing at the place where Yi Xin Vegetarian used to be. So, is Yi Xin Vegetarian gone?  No, just beside it.  In here, you’ll find those common local vegetarian dishes been served.

Where: 39 Temple Street S058584

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Snacks on the go @ Chinatown Singpaore!

Simple pleasure in life, walking around and enjoying awesome street food at Chinatown Street Market.  Indo Sumatera is a hidden gem, which is near to Chinatown Food Street.  I simply love their Kueh like Putu Bambu, Kueh Kosui (suitable for vegetarian).

Today, I bought a packet of Kueh Kosui @ $2 to satisfy my craving. Yes, the texture is just right, it’s soft, flavourful and aromatic.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Revolutionising …

Sunday Lunch menu - Potato Salad with a new twist! Potato salad making friend with lettuce and seasoned laver. It would look more colourful with tiny carrot bits or a small slice of cherry tomatoes.

When revolutionise vegetarian cuisine, there’re so much surprises and discoveries … Let’s have fun!

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Sunday’s Vegetable Cuisine Breakfast …

How about a bowl of piping hot “soupy noodle” that consists of just wonton skin?  I whipped up a bowl of silky smooth wanton skin swimming in a clear broth with veggies.  I happened to have some vegetarian wanton at home, so I added them in. 

Friday, September 08, 2017

Food as a form of art …

Cooking vegetable cuisine is simple. It can be a form of art.  Breaking the norm. I fried the vegetarian lean meat (seasoned mushroom stalks) and ginger in sesame oil. Then paired it with Shanghai Green (blanched) or just raw Lettuce, to create a simple piece of art that appeal to the senses! The chemistry of these ingredients work well – texture, flavour, colour and aroma!

Have some fun and unleash your hidden creativity …

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Vegetable Cuisine or Korean Temple Food Recipe

Quiet down and looking at the dance of life, it contains ageing or suffering as well as joy and love. While cultivating the perception of beauty, there’re so much to be discovered in this beautiful and wonderful world.

Cooking is not something to be rush, cook and play with a clear and calm mind.  In that space, enjoy it and discover the haven on earth. Cooking can be a form of art, meditation or relaxation. So turn on some soothing music or just in silence, go cooking, do it slowly and mindfully. Have fun with it.  

By chance, I discovered some recipes at Korean Temple Food for Spring, Summer Autumn and Winter. If you love simple vegetable cuisine, the minimalist yet artistic presentation of temple food in this site, try it out, modify it and just do it without any expectations.

What will you discover? Who knows! Maybe a truckload of treasures … [smile]  Enjoy!

Zentangle Style Vegetable Congee

I created this vegetable congee unknowing by applying the Zentangle approach (no preconceived idea of the final outcome). It just developed spontaneously with what I’ve at that moment.

One thing at a time. I started mashing some very soft cooked rice. Add water (no measurement needed) and on the fire.  By feel I threw in some Shimeji mushroom. Next a slice of ginger and bring to a boil. 

When it’s boiling and bubbling, simply beautiful.  I sliced some carrot and put in.  It just developed by itself by going with the flow, so a section of the corn on cob went in too. Finally, season with salt.

Simply enjoy this simple creative process of cooking and styling it with seaweed bits, sesame oil and spring onion.

The end result - a mini surprise – a delicious bowl of vegetable congee. The corn and carrot simply beautiful and taste different as it wasn’t overcooked. Creation not restricted by expectations. 

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Mistake is perfectly OK!

Today, I’ve a new discovery – mistakes can be foundation for new creation and take us in unexpected new direction. Accidentally added too much water to cook rice and it’s really soft.  A mistake but I fret not. 

Looking at it, I suddenly feel like putting a scope of rice on the algae seasoned laver. When I put in my mouth, oh it’s delicious.  Then, I tried adding wasabi and sprinkle some sesame seeds – a simple sushi rice wrap that look beautiful too. 

A discovery - without the usual ingredients like vinegar, salt, sugar or seasoning required for the sushi rice and assembled it using a mat, yet it’s still yummy.  With such simplicity and time saving method, even a no-cook or newbie can do it. Enjoying simple thing in life. 

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Lunch Date with Buddha @ Water Drop Teahouse …

Simple. We love the ambience. So, we’re at Water Drop Teahouse again! This time, we've Dry Wanton Noodle ($5), Sliced Ngoh Hiang ($3.5), Lou Mee ($5.5) and Steamed Dumpling ($4.5). The Ice Blended Drinks on the menu is calling me, so is Coffee and Latte. In the end we picked a pot of Longan Hot Tea ($5.5), sweet, fragrant and full of goodness.
The vegetarian food served here is delicious although it’s still not the best that I’ve tasted. Price is reasonable. Standard of the dishes are quite high, and I like the quality of the ingredients used, like the mock char siew used in the Wanton Noodle is of a better quality and normally not found in many Vegetarian stalls. The steamed dumplings are tasty and if the filling could be a little juicier, it’ll be fantastic.
We enjoyed our happy meal on the low wooden table and chairs! Just so simple. [smile]

Where: Water Drop Tea House @ Fo Guang Shang (Singapore) 1 Punggol Place S828844. Tel: +65 6411 0599
Website: Water Drop Teahouse

Sunday, September 03, 2017

YES! 非素不可!(Truly Vegetarian)

Eating Vegan food is the in thing now. Melbourne has become one of the vegan capitals of the world. In Singapore, there are more and more Vegan eateries serving delicious Vegan food and Truly Vegetarian is one of them. Mainly plant-based, with some mock on the menu for those who love mock meat or just enjoy it occasionally. 

Here, I’ve the vegetarian version of Bak Kut Teh that I like a lot and is served in claypot to keep the soup warm – Shrooms Bak Kut Teh for $8.8.  With an assortment of ingredients like different type of mushrooms, beancurd skin, black fungus and very little mock meat. Enjoying it with fluffy rice or go with Ramen or Mee Sua. 

Another stand-out dish is Chickenless Cutlet Curry Rice at $7.8. A dish with not-so-spicy curry (maybe like Japanese Curry) and topped with a crispy yet chewy mock chicken cutlet that add texture.  There are also good variety of side dishes like blanched vegetable, tofu, dumpling, braised mushroom etc, at reasonable price (from $3) to add to your meal.

For soya milk lover, Soya Ramen at $7.8, is served in a very rich soya milk broth and gives a feeling of fullness.  For me, I find the soya milk taste too overwhelming and I’m not quite use to salty soya milk yet in Ramen yet.

Where: Truly Vegetarian. Food Junction, Stall 2, 200 Victoria Street #03-30, Bugis Junction, S188021.  

Friday, September 01, 2017

Wow, amazing! Temple Cuisine!

So happy to view Chef Eric Ripert cooking up the Temple Cuisine with a Korean Zen Buddhist nun. In here, I see the essence of a good practitioner flowing into the food she cooks and serving it with - "I expressed my heart to you." and it also indirectly showing how to receive food with love.

Living a special beautiful life …

2009, I attended Prof. Cheng’s retreat @ kmspks. Randomly, he said – “To help the World, we needs to learn a lot of things, like driving, cooking, dancing …” So weird. Question mark. Question mark. Question mark.  Now, I understand a little more after watching the Temple Cuisine Video and the below article, I found some of the answers and can resonate.

Like magical wisteria flower, this ordinary Zen Buddhist nun’s temple cuisine and the way she live, generated lots of amazing loving and beautiful energies for herself and it automatically spreading to this world via her sincere and compassion heart. Very inspiring. Beautiful!

Click here for more inspiration :




Where: Water Drop Tea House @ Fo Guang Shang (Singapore). 1 Punggol Place S828844 Tel: (65) 6411 0599

Friday, August 25, 2017

Vegetarian Rojak @ a Non-vegetarian Hawker Stall

It’s a pleasure to see more and more non-vegetarian eateries getting vegetarian friendly. I appreciate such kind and loving gesture. Some of the non-vegetarian eateries are creating real delectable vegetarian food and able to bring out the beauty of vegetarian cuisine better than vegetarian eateries, make me in awe.  Kudos.

Vegetarian Rojak is a very simple dish, with a good sauce and adding special ingredients like ginger touch bud, it is fairly simple to whip up.   I had this vegetarian rojak ($4.5) at a non-vegetarian stall but too salty and the rojak sauce isn’t that great.  If only the stall can use the vegetarian rojak sauce which can be found at most of the vegetarian shops. 

今天的早餐 – 素拉车面!

素食煮的好吃并不难。我蛮喜欢把复杂煮法简单化,短时间内就有的吃。 有时简简单单的材料,简简单单的煮法,也能变成非常美味好吃的素食。今天的早餐,这碗拉车面,配搭了茼萵,味道就不同了。

煮法:一窝清水,加面,冬菇片,豆仆。如有吃冬菜 和素肉碎 ,就加点。煮开后,要面软的话,稍微煮久点。不然就放入茼萵,加点酱清,麻油,胡椒粉调味就可上桌了。

Friday, August 18, 2017

After-work Mini Steamboat Dinner @ Xing Hua!

Craving Ma La (麻辣) and steamboat, so dropped by Xing Hua Vegetarian Restaurant! Where else can you find such value-for-money mini steamboat (个人) @ $6.5?  Add $1 for Rice or Noodle and there are different soup base available - Herbal, Laksa, Ma La etc.  Diner can also add on other ingredients from their Yong Tau Hu section!

The beauty of this mini steamboat -  price so affordable, perfect for single diner and even dinning with friends, take your pick of soup base, no need to compromise.  The mini steam boat is cool and fun. Enjoyed the beautiful quiet moment waiting for the food to be cooked in it.

While dining there, I saw Xing Hua steamboat using soya milk as soup base ($8.9) and I am particularly draw to it and will be on my must try list.

Where: Xing Hua Vegetarian Restaurant. 190 Middle Road Fortune Centre S188979.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

My young man often asked, “Mama, are you cooking today?”. Guess he likes my vegetarian dishes with the flavours of home, simple but made with love.  This Sunday, I’ve cooked 3 meals – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  

So for dinner tonight, I just whipped up something simple yet real fast that almost anyone can do! Fried Vegetarian Chicken Rice, Clear Watercress Soup, Eggplant in Soy Bean Paste with Chilli and a Vegetable and Fruit Salad. 

As for the watercress soup, I used water (soy bean broth) add ginger and bring to a boil.  Add watercress, off fire when it boils. as I like the slightly green broth with a special fresh taste of the watercress.  Garnish with nori and sesame oil for a simple presentation. 

Eggplant in Soy Bean Paste with Chilli is another healthy simple dish where no oil is used except for few sprinkle of sesame oil. Thinking of adding brown golden needle mushroom to give it a crunchy texture.
Vegetable and Fruit salad consists of carrot, cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumber, apple, grapes and raisin, corn flake and nuts (optional). Was thinking of adding lychee. 

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Going Green doesn’t have to be expensive …

We Vegetarian love our food and are foodies too, and thanks to the many Chefs and Restaurateurs that have in recent times continues to whip up creative, scrumptious and affordable Vegetarian Cuisine.  Supreme Vege is one of these restaurants and located in Royal Hotel at the quiet Queen Street.

My first encounter with Supreme Vege delectable cuisine was at a Fund Raising Dinner.  Was impressed that they could still maintain high standard in term of taste and presentation for the banquet.

It is a small yet clean restaurant that serves traditional Chinese Vegetarian Cuisine, Buffet and some of special dishes like Lotus Leave Rice need to be ordered in advance.  On their menu, I found the soup that I like – Spinach Kowkee Soup @ $8++ , perfect for 2 pax. This tasty emerald colour creamy soup used spinach, enoki mushroom, vegetarian ham and Wolfberry.

Mixed Beans @ $10++, a dish we would often ordered if I’m dinning with someone who loves power beans.  The vegetable was fresh and the spiciness just nice.  Vegetarian Sesame Oil Chicken @ $10++ was hearty dish and I love the black fungus with ginger.

Where: Supreme Vege Pte Ltd. 12 Queen Street #02-03 S188553. T: 6238 5085.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Elevated take on noodle at Vegan Food …

Would you want to add Lei Cha (additional S$2) to your noodle? YESss, I replied to the staff and I've a big bowl of Bian Mian in Lei Cha broth @ S$8 ($7.2 paying via Kopitiam Card) at Vegan Food for lunch! I would say the Lei Cha broth here is much richer and more robust compare to the non-vegetarian eatery’s Thunder Tea Rice Lei Cha with rice vermicelli.
Now, I know where to go for a scrumptious bowl of Lei Cha Noodle (Bian Mian or Rice Vermicelli or Mian Xian). Happy. Vegan Food has outlets at the food courts in Compass One, Paya Lebar Square and Tampines Mall (moving out at of August to Jurong).
I love vegetarian Bak Kut Teh but for the Vegetarian Bak Kut Teh Noodle @ $7 ($$6.3 paying via Kopitiam Card) at Vegan Food, I totally could not accept this broth. Otherwise, I would have more choices for soupy noodle

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Town eats - Contemporary Feasting at Lotus Kitchen in Chinatown

One of the pleasures of travelling is discovering new tastes and foods. Singapore’s food scene is vibrant, fresh and inspiring.  If you’re a tourist in Singapore Chinatown, having some time and wanting to feast on something different-taste the contemporary vegetarian cuisine in Lotus Kitchen.

This restaurant is easily accessible at an iconic shopping center, located just beside Chinatown MRT Station and at the junction of the main roads (New Bridge Road & Upper Cross Street) in Chinatown. A perfect place to rest your feet, fill the stomach and do some people watching (there are windows overlooking the street)! 

Verdict: Lotus Kitchen is a pocket friendly and value-for-money restaurant offering healthier dining with an exciting array of contemporary vegetarian cuisine. Must try dishes are Dim Sum, Signature Stir Fried Laksa, Braised Mushroom in Hot Stone Pot, Soup, Lotus Yam Paste with Purple Rice.

Where: Lotus Kitchen @ Chinatown Point. 133 New Bridge Road #01-01/02 Chinatown Point. S059413. T: 6538 1068

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

I Came. I Explored. Lotus Kitchen. [Part 5: Dessert Art – Innovative and beautiful presented …]

Leave some room in your stomach for some dessert! Vegetarian restaurants are getting creative, be surprised by their dessert! The Lotus Yam Paste with Purple Rice @ $6.8++, to me, it’s a creative artfully presented, marrying two type traditional dessert Orh Nee and Pulut Hitam with a new twist.
Pumpkin Paste with Purple Rice @ $6.8++, pairs the light pumpkin puree with purple rice and vanilla ice cream. I love the melted ice cream in the pumpkin puree, refreshing! It will be even better if different variants of ice cream are available. Kids, cold dessert or ice cream lovers would love this.

The portion of these desserts are just perfect to end a meal without feeling overly full. Love it!

Where: Lotus Kitchen @ Chinatown Point. 133 New Bridge Road #01-01/02 Chinatown Point. S059413. T: 6538 1068

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

I Came. I Explored. Lotus Kitchen. [Part 4: Redefine Dining Experience…]

With more restaurants redefining the vegetarian dining experience, discovering this new wonderful gourmet restaurant may soon be another to-do on the checklist for the locals as well as the tourist. 

Lotus Kitchen offers a vegetarian version of the popular local dish, laksa in the form of the Signature Stir Fried Laksa @ $9.8++, flavourful as the noodle soaked up the aromatic gravy without being overwhelming. A good choice for the health conscious.

I would think it would be an interesting option to be introduced to the traditional Chinese banquet menu. 

Where: Lotus Kitchen @ Chinatown Point. 133 New Bridge Road #01-01/02 Chinatown Point. S059413. T: 6538 1068

Sunday, July 30, 2017

What’s for Dinner? Stir fired Vegetarian Penang Prawn Mee …

After a long powerful Sunday afternoon nap and when I opened my eye the sun has gone down. So, what’s for dinner? If Gokul serves Laksa Goreng and Lotus Kitchen serves Stir fried Laksa, let’s have Stir fired Vegetarian Penang Prawn Mee at MY Kitchen – $ xx! (priceless)  

Cooking vegetarian dish is relatively simple and fast. Using whatever ingredients I’ve in my kitchen – morning glory vegetable, deep fried tofu, three different type mushrooms etc. The main key ingredients are Vegetarian Pawn Noodle Paste and Vegetarian Barbecue Sauce. 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

I Came. I Explored. Lotus Kitchen. [Part 3: Crazy for Hot Stone pot & Soup …]

Times are changing. More and more people are receptive to a health conscious diet, eating clean and green. With that, more and more vegetarian eateries are sprouting up and adding their touches of creativity to traditional vegetarian cuisine, to meet the market demand.

I fell in love with Braised Mushroom in Hot Stone Pot @ $18.8++, so hard for me to resist. Yes Monkey Head Mushroom and Basil leaves, perfect match and not too spicy! A must try dish here, I would say.
As a soup lover, I often crave for good comforting bowl of soup and often wonder where to find traditional vegetarian soup? Lotus Kitchen’s Signature Double-Boiled Herbal Tian Ma Soup ($8.8++) was light, flavourful and loaded with goodness. Yes, fresh ingredients are the key to healthy delicious food. 

Where: Lotus Kitchen @ Chinatown Point. 133 New Bridge Road #01-01/02 Chinatown Point. S059413. T: 6538 1068

Friday, July 28, 2017

Singapore Memory Project (SMP) in 2011 and my vegetarian dinning blog …

I realised that Singapore’s food scene is vibrant, fresh, inspiring and embracing. Modern vegetarian cuisine is getting into the mainstream and been embraced by a lot people. The Singapore Memory Project (SMP) which was a national initiative started in 2011 to collect, preserve and provide access to stories, moments and memories related to Singapore, even invited me to pledge my vegetarian food blog to the SMP in 2012.

I was touched by SMP openness and embracing vegetarian cuisine from below comment in my blog:

“We find that your entries about your wonderful vegetarian dining experiences would be a great addition to the Singapore Memory Project. We think your blog would offer a different perspective. Whether your posts are an account of your daily life or an expression of your thoughts, our project hopes to find a home for these memories so that it can help build a ground-up understanding of Singapore.”

Thank you very much. My apologies, due hectic schedule, I forgotten to pledge my bog at that time.

PS: Comment found in this post: Vegetarian food is simply so delicious

I Came. I Explored. Lotus Kitchen. [Part 2: Time for Dim Sum …]

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Pan-fried Dumping (猴菇煎) 
Taro Mee Sua Cake (香芋面线)
Dim Sum Lovers rejoice! Lotus Kitchen’s dim sum - Taro Mee Sua Cake (香芋面线)@ $6.8++ and Lion’s Mane Mushroom Pan-fried Dumping (猴菇煎) @ $8.8++ were handcrafted dishes using different good-quality meatless natural ingredients like monkey head mushroom, chestnuts, mushroom (see photos) which complement and enhanced the taste and texture.

Enjoyed these quality made-to-order dim sum and they have me clamouring for more.
Top: Lion’s Mane Mushroom Pan-fried Dumping (猴菇煎).
Bottom: Taro Mee Sua Cake (香芋面线) 
Where: Lotus Kitchen @ Chinatown Point. 133 New Bridge Road #01-01/02 Chinatown Point S059413, T: 6538 1068

Lunch on-the-go!

Few days back felt like having “Takeaway Lunch Box” @S$5 from Lingzhi Vegetarian Restaurant Novena!  So I grab one and go.
For the lunch box, you can choose either brown rice or noodle.  Add-on herbal tea at S$1.  Delicious and no mock meat and using only plant-based ingredients.

Simple. Convenient. Fast. Value for Money. 

Where: Lingzhi Vegetarian Restaurant. 238 Thomson Road #03-09/10 Velocity @ Novena Square. S307683. T: 6538 2992.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

MONDAY. EAT. LIGHT. [10% off ]

Wow! More and more non-vegetarian eateries celebrate Meatless Monday. Was at Novena Square 2 and saw this poster outside QQ Rice … MONDAY. EAT. LIGHT.

Every Monday, 10% Off – Only for vegetarian fillings or flavours.  Thumbs up.  Go Meatless on Monday and enjoyed discount, Win-Win Situation! 
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